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Alhail Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in the State of Qatar.


Our office includes many departments that cover all legal fields

Each department employs a group of professionals in that field under the management of a professional consultant specializing in the field of that department, and therefore all clients, with their different cases and needs, will find in our office what meets all their needs professionally and specialized.

Criminal Cases

We represent the customer on all criminal cases with local lawyers that are specialized.

Civil Disputes

We represent clients in front of civil courts for most of the disputes that are subject to civil courts jurisdiction.

Family law & legacies

We represent clients for all family law & legacies disputes.

Market & Business Place Disputes

We represent corporations on complaining against other corporate illegal practices.

Commercial Disputes

Our lawyers will represent the client in all disputes that are subject to commercial courts and local authorities as well.

Employment Disputes

We represent our clients as employees and employers on all disputes.

Real Estate disputes

We represent our clients in real estate disputes in front of local authorities and real estate courts for buyers, sellers and developers.

Consumer Protection

We draft and submit claims on behalf of our customers to obtain the best results.

Banking Disputes

We represent the clients’ disputes with banks for loans, credit card payments and more.

Contractual Disputes

Legal guidance to company transaction, labour, board meetings, response complaints, partners resolution, etc.

Execution of Foreign judgements

We execute foreign judgements issued by court or arbitration bodies outside Qatar through Qatar courts.

Law of Qatar Financial Market authority

Law of Qatar Financial Market authority.

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An International Consulting Agency to Rely On

We're a Certified Law Firm.
We have Professionals & Speciatists lawyers.
We provide legal services in multiple spheres including business law, family law, consumer law, real estate affairs and insurance cases.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients, companies and individuals to give them the highest level of legal services in accordance with local and international standards. In addition to achieving all their goals by providing high quality, ethically sound legal counsel and strategic advice for all their concerns in the legal field. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the finest and largest law firms in Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East. In addition to our endeavouring to expand the depth of our practice groups, as well as add new groups, in order to provide clients with a broad range of quality services. 

Our Strategy

Our office always works to implement a strict legal protection policy with the aim of being a pioneer in the legal field at the local and international levels, by adopting the latest methods in providing legal services with strict and flexible standards at the same time based on the protection policy that characterizes our office. We are proud that we are always looking for continuous development and innovation in this policy to maintain our leadership to always remain the best in providing legal services at the local and international levels

Protection Strategy

Protection Strategy

The protection strategy constitutes a vital and original part of the securit policy for office clients, and a major tool in achieving clients’ requirements to protect their interests. Our office always seeks to develop policies and mechanisms that contribute to protecting and enhancing legal protection for all clients, enabling them to know their rights as well as their legal obligations, and providing them with reassurance during the course of the procedures followed by our office in everything related to their legal status from the beginning of dealing with the office until the completion of the required procedure, This is by providing the best selection of legal advisors, lawyers and administrators who are in constant contact with the client and providing the highest levels of legal protection for him from the beginning of dealing with our office until the completion of the required procedure, as well as maintaining the confidentiality and protection of their information at all times and the speedy completion of procedures with the highest quality in the work. That is why the legal protection policy that our office provides to its clients is a cornerstone of an integrated approach in doing our role towards the client, which aims to achieve the client’s interest in the first place.

Judicial Process

Judicial Process

The legal protection strategy is a vital and original part of our office policy, and a major tool in achieving work requirements. The legal protection strategy that we apply seeks to develop policies, programs and mechanisms that contribute to the protection and enhancement of legal protection for all our clients, and the application of the legal protection policy for clients is not limited to within the office only, but extends its application during the representation of our clients before the courts and other judicial authorities. We are keen to implement our protection policy by applying the necessary legal procedures before the aforementioned judicial authorities to instill reassurance in the hearts of our clients during the course of the procedures before those authorities. Performance to achieve the end desired by the client. We have chosen for our legal protection policy the best local and international standards at all.

Contract of Protection

Contract of Protection

What distinguishes our office from others is the protection policy that it follows, and this policy is not limited to the procedures followed within the office or before the courts and judicial bodies, but it extends to the procedures followed before all illegal entities such as governmental and non-governmental departments to provide the maximum degree of protection for our client to reach the desired goal of those procedures. The legal protection strategy followed in our office is based on three pillars, namely, determining the required procedure and its authority, flexibility and rigor at the same time in undertaking the required procedure before the competent authority, and the prompt implementation of the required procedure, and all of this can only be achieved by following Our strict legal protection policy standards. Our client is always surrounded by the necessary legal protection inside and outside the office thanks to our legal protection policy.
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